Sketchbook Pro Brushes

  I imported a set of ‘grunge’ brushes into Sketchbook Pro 6 and started messing with them, mostly for texture.   Brushes are easy to tweak and import/export with Sketchbook, but for some reason, there aren’t a ton of them like there are for Photoshop. I hear that Sketchbook is working Continue Reading

Procreate – Making Straight Lines

  Here is an awesome revealing pro tricks in Procreate making straight lines.  This is usually used in architectural design, I.e., dealing with buildings and interior spaces.   When you need straight lines with this tip, you can draw a short one and stretch it out, simple but effective.

ArtRage is Amazing!

This might make you jealous…. If you get an iPad, ArtRage is the best one by far–it is amazing. This is the first quick test using some of the preset brushes. It has more controls than some of the others, but they are easy and they payoff big. This app Continue Reading